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The blank spots on the map have disappeared. Sadly. But that doesn’t mean that the time for discoverers is entirely over. The search for the hidden gems of beauty is just more difficult nowadays. Which is not due to lack of information but rather the opposite. Travel advertisements are everywhere. Wooing with auspicious pictures and attractive offers they are not necessarily delivering what they promise. Finding one’s way through the oversupply of offerings is time consuming. Speaking of time: The precious time we have to discover the paradises of the earth should definitely satisfy our appetite for beauty, enjoyment and relaxation. The journey should be special, unique and extraordinary. And this is my mission.

Back in the days I started my journeys aimless while I spend now a considerable time to plan them. Now I am leading a business and the remaining free time is precious. I started researching for a couple of hours. Hours tuned into weeks and weeks into years. I started gathering the results of my research and I eventually shared them on Best Places To Be with travellers from all over the world.

“Don’t take life too serious, you won’t end up alive anyway.” fabulated Elbert Hubbart. He was right. If this is true we should at least make the best of our lifetime. Searching for the places worth being.

Best Places To Be is a personal assortment of charming hotels and travel routes. Criteria for the selection are architecture, interior, design, cuisine, service, surrounding and scenery. However, the collection does not only focus on design and luxury resorts. The one or other gem is also found in small enchanting hotels or agritourism. But variation makes travelling especially appealing.

About myself: Errol Hutterer – Entrepreneur. Seeking, Loving, Marvelling and Travelling since 1968.

“The beauty of things exists in the mind which contemplates them.” David Hume