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Portugal / Fortaleza do Guincho

The 5-Star Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho is just a few kilometres from Lisbon and is with its exposed location absolutely worth visiting. It is an old castle directly located at the breaking waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hotel tip Portugal – Fortaleza do Guincho

It is already October when we arrive at the Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho situated in the midst of Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais but the temperature is still pleasant. The first thing we recognize is the intensive thalassic smell. The roaring Atlantic Ocean causes a salty air. The castle from the 17th century reminds more on a fort of the French Foreign Legion. However it has undoubtedly its very unique charm. Immediately after the check-in we head for a walk to the beach. Surfers go into the raging waves and we listen to the powerful surge of the sea.

hotel tipp portugal best places to be

hotel tipp portugal best places to beCulinary delights and the fragrance of the Atlantic Ocean.

The interior of the Relais & Châteaux hotel is awe-inspiring in a positive sense of the word. The rooms are well-kept and tastefully furnished. A phenomenal dinner awaits us in the evening in the hotel’s restaurant, which is one of the best gourmet kitchens in Portugal. The service is flawless. The award-winning wine list contains not less then 800 different wines. During the dinner we watch the breaking waves through the panorama window. The breakfast is equally outstanding and we already regret not to be able to stay a few days more inhere.

Who stays for a couple of days in Lisbon should definitely consider paying a visit to Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho which is only 30 km away from the capital of Portugal.

hotel tipp portugal best places to be

hotel tipp portugal best places to be

Namibia / Face-to-face with liberty

14 days we traveled through Namibia. Our rout leads us around 2.700 kilometres through breathtaking landscapes and at the end of every stage into charming, luxurious or at least extraordinary lodges.

Mykonos / Royal Myconian Resort & Villas

The Royal Myconian Resort & Villas at Elia Beach is located in the south of Mykonos. End of july is the ideal time to discover the Greek island. The hotel’s attractive design and its attentive stuff make it easy to feel comfortable here.